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My name is Kyle Rausch – but I’m also known as “The End Game Fitness,” the brand I developed because it embodied what I saw as the best version of myself: someone in pursuit of living an active, healthy lifestyle, who held himself to a high standard while showing self-love and kindness, respecting my body, taking responsibility for my actions and my outcomes, and being capable of being a role model to those around me. A true End Game Addict, addicted to personal growth, keeping myself in the best possible shape and helping others do the same in balanced, sustainable way that promotes peak fitness AND longevity.

This has been an ongoing process of a long journey for me; I had to deliberately develop physical, mental and spiritual practices to support my goals, and starting out I had most things backwards.

In seeking to heal and empower myself, I moved overseas to Thailand, studied Muay Thai and became best connected spiritually as a Bhuddist. Meditation has helped me reflect on who I am. I have had educational opportunities including formal education, mentorships, hands on learning experiences, workshops, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Exercise Therapy and many more. 

I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on education and self development. I’ve been a personal trainer / life coach for over a decade, have over 20 certifications in leadership, fitness and nutrition coaching but I would say the largest value I have received is the years of experience in the trenches working one on one with peoples anxieties / struggles, sense of self and capacities to transform their lives through fitness training. The body is the byproduct.

“Little by little, a little becomes a lot”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Those who believe they can, and those who believe they can’t, are both usually right.”
Henry Ford

“Courage is the ability to tell your story and like who you are in the process of doing that. And that’s hard.”
Brene Brown

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
Wayne Dyer


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Like anything that is new there are doubts and fears of going out of ones comfort zone and routine. But I was more excited to learn and try something new and learn new ideas and new ways to look at training. Reservations were not really a big deal beforehand. I was more excited to gain new perceptions.


For an average girl who has never had any background in training or athletics, Kyle made it a lot easier for me to understand the very basics of both physical and mental fitness, which today is a big one in my arsenal. Now, I see fitness as a way of life as opposed to just showing up and looking good while at it. Training with Kyle introduces you to another level of yourself you’re either unaware of or never knew existed, to make you even better.