Tai Lopez’s Adaptability

Up the weight by 5-10%, or move to the next progression of exercises.

This week is the final week of our foundation development of both movement and key principle understanding before we ramp it up to a whole new gear next week. Make sure you come out hard every day and do your best to get the most out of each workout. When you have completed the week, you should feel like you have accomplished something great, because only about 2% of the population is willing to work out as consistently as you have.

This week is going to focus on the “Process” of fitness and life. The beauty of going for goals is not acheiveing them, but what they will make of you to acheive them.  The character you develop in reaching goals is why goals are worth while. Stop wishing for the end of the day or the end of the workout. Fight for now, and be the best YOU you can be. We all do better when were chasing something, because it fills us with a sense of purpose.  

My goal with this program is to shortcut you to the information I have spent thousands of dollars andcountless hours studying and trying to find. The best way to make less mistakes is learn from them, but they don’t have to be your own.

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