The Philosophy of Nutrition

This month is going to be a whole new level of hypertrophy (muscle growth). I did not build this program to punish anyone and I don’t have it out for anyone in particular, except for my cat George who thinks it’s appropriate to sleep in the sink.

This month is taking advanced training techniques and scientific principles to up your weight training to a whole new level. The large part of the emphasis in week 9 and 10 are the iso-metric hold sets and the sheer amount of training volume. Not only that, each workout is paired with an insane workout finisher.

Make sure you revisit your food details and are getting enough protein to support this workout, because your body is going to change and ton. You won’t become an Instagram model if this is your first round, but you can expect upwards of 2 lbs of muscle per week for men and 1lb of muscle per week for women if you’re eating properly. In trained individuals, this type of programming should give you ½ lb of muscle for men and ¼ lb of muscle for women. Advanced body builders know, this is a ton!

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