The Rules of Torque

Up the weight by 5-10%, or move to the next progression of exercises.

By week three you should be noticing small nuances. More energy, increased strength, faster recovery from workouts and even slight changes to your physique. Based on differences of athletic background, genetics, age, and workout intensity, your results will vary. The point here is not to get discouraged if you haven’t seen enough but to trust in the process and stay the course.
Remember: Successful people do what they should do whether they feel like it or not.

This week, we want to make sure we are continuing our journal habits and goal focus so as to not lose habits. Each video in this program is a building block to set you up for success throughout the entire program.

The old adage, a 6-pack is made in the kitchen is 100% still the case. You can do this entire program, and while it will improve your overall well-being, if you’re not doing your best to eat clean and eat effectively for the workouts, don’t be surprised if your mid-section doesn’t improve. I have heard time and time again that you can burn off a bad meal from the night before; this is absolutely not the case.

Eating poor quality food and drinks might be worth it in the short run for the immediate energy, craving satisfaction and flavour explosion, but in “The End Game”, if you can delay gratification and eat to live, not live to eat, were setting ourselves up for a long healthy life, with a killer bod to go with it.

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