Where True Growth Comes From – The End Game Fitness

Session #43

Day #43

Today is your first "Body Building" upper body, antagonizing split. Work hard and control those negatives! NO REST BETWEEN EXERCISES, ONLY SETS!


Dumbells, Bench Press, Barbell, Bench, Dip Station

Rest Time

40 Seconds for 11 Rep Range : 70 Seconds for 8 Rep Range


If at first you don’t succeed, just try again. So many people give up after they fail, it’s disgusting. I am physically bothered by the amount of people who think if someone fails once, they are condemned to be that way for a lifetime. Always give other people a second chance and 100%, always give yourself a second chance. If you struggled with something before, ask yourself why that is, and try to fix the issues.

The workouts are going to become a lot more difficult. These workouts I have been putting clients through for years and I always notice the largest change in their athleticism in this phase of training.

Make sure you focus on the negatives, I had emphasized this before in other workouts, but be sure to count the seconds out as best you can. Remember you will want to count quickly as this type of exercise burns a **** ton. Slow down your counting and try to be mindful and notice when you speed up because this exercise hurts!