You’ll notice that this week is similar to week 7. The point here is to put emphasis on overload. You should definitely have gained strength and endurance from the workouts outlined last week. This is your time to shine and prove to yourself that you can push yourself through difficult fitness training. The workouts this month have incorporated more advanced drop sets and mechanical advantage situations that should have left you on the floor unable to move. Athletic based training, is not easy but it’s important to understand, you can either workout hard, or you can work out long but you can’t do both.

Emphasis is placed back on the journaling process for this week. Building new habits is always a beast. Trust me though, this is one of 6 essential well-being habits that you simply can afford to miss. I’m driving this one home mainly because of the amount of influential people who keep a journal and use it for affirmations, goals and gratitude.

I was at the CanFitPro conference last year and sat in on as many business seminars as I could. The CEO of Net Profit Explosion Sean Greely suggested that for any fitness professional to be successful they need 6 core characteristics and daily habits. Journaling was one of them!

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