The Journaling Process

These last two weeks are going to be the most difficult of the program. I find an inner mantra of “I can do this”, or “I never quit” is so necessary because this type of training is going to place a high emphasis on your nervous system. As a result, you’re growth hormones are naturally going to go through the roof. The pain you are going to feel from doing this type of work is totally normal, so don’t flip out. Going in and working with a Fascial Stretch Therapist or a deep tissue massage therapist is highly recommended because your body is going to take a beating. Workouts, like life, come in seasons.

You will have months where you go balls to the wall and other weeks or months where you focus on rebuilding and restructuring. These final two weeks prioritize mental fortitude and the ability to recover and heal the body. Balance and soft tissue health is of the upmost important if you plan on moving onto another program or reattempting this one.

I have a list of recommended books that I have read and or are on my reading list as important life changing books. Watch the video in this program to understand when and where I do my learning. I want you to understand one thing. Everything I am sharing with you is stolen. Every idea, every movement, every discussion. I am a living breathing machine of environment. And here’s the big secret, so are you. Human beings are sponges; they learn from their environment and are shaped by that environment. If you don’t believe me, watch the Standford Prison Experiment.

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