Warm Up Education – The End Game Fitness

Session #3

Day #3

Today's session covers how to warm up effectively. The feature video is one example of an excellent movement sequence to articulate all positions of the knee joint. Look into the workout for today to learn another amazing warm up to be used throughout this program. As for the workout, take the day off, there are more days yet to come that will kick your butt!


Foam Roller, Mobility Band, Lacrosse Ball

Rest Time



This first week is all about learning the basic movements. If you’re advanced and understand basic archetypes (squat, bent over rows etc.) thoroughly, ensure you’re using enough weight to challenge yourself to failure.

If you’re new to exercise, expect to be quite sore, this is normal and natural. Having coached many people through the very same thing you’re feeling, you won’t be as sore after future workouts. If you’re more advanced, trust in this process and challenge yourself with the exercises that have been outlined. Every rep counts put everything you have into moving with integrity.

If you’re new to exercise or have just recently started out, make sure you take the time to watch the explanation videos a couple of times and use all the tips necessary to get you moving safely. Doing a consultation with a higher level personal trainer with at least 5 years in the industry should be sufficient if you’re still not feeling confident in the workouts.